Edwin Alerts - Add a security team right in your Slack
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Add a security team right in your Slack.

Edwin’s security team monitors threats as they happen, providing step-by-step guidance to keep your team secure, risk-free, and ahead of the game.

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Edwin Alerts includes real-time security guidance to level up your security in the following areas:

  • Avoiding Online Scams
    Recognizing online scams and attacks

    Phishing your own employees creates a culture of fear and prevents getting work done. Instead empower your team by making security behaviors easier to perform and practicing them over time.

  • Securing remote teams
    Securing remote teams

    Edwin addresses “Shadow IT” at home and across devices by providing step by step guidance on which tools to use and how.

  • Knowing if your team is affected by the latest data breaches
    Increasing privacy at work and home

    The lines between your work and personal life are blurred now more than ever. Edwin addresses the security of your company, digital workspace, home, family, and personal life.

  • Increasing privacy at home and at work
    Knowing how your team is affected by the latest data breach

    No more IT team sending security emails to be ignored. Edwin gets users’ attention immediately and directs them to the actions they need to perform, providing support to take them.

  • Increasing privacy at home and at work
    Ensuring robust security configurations across your cloud platforms

    Edwin helps you properly configure the security of the tools you’re already using.

  • Increasing privacy at home and at work
    Protecting yourself by thinking like a hacker

    Edwin shares simulations of hacking tools and scenarios so that you’re ready for the latest hacks when they come your way.

How does it work?

Scanning for security threats

We're constantly watching for security threats.

Edwin continuously monitors the threat landscape, zeroing in on events that could specifically affect you and your team - Only then do we notify you on Slack.

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Stay secure without leaving your workflow.

We communicate with you on Slack, sending an alert and any relevant information on how to stay secure, to your team through a dedicated slack channel.

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What Happened?

Quickly scan the type of threat: phishing email, privacy violation, ransomware attack, etc.

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✉️ Email threats


Does it apply to me?

Quickly assess if you are affected

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all mobile devices


How it affects me

All the details to understand how you are vulnerable and the consequences of doing nothing

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Threat actors are capitalizing on fear...


What do I do to protect myself?

Follow a step by step guide to avoid the threat and strenghten your security.

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1. Be very suspicious of external emails...


We don't just alert. We provide step by step interactive guidance.

Alerts are simple, fun and engaging, and customized to you and the security action to take.

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We also share metrics on how security in your organization is improving

Metrics on how your team is changing security in your organization are sent back to managers via our app dashboard.

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Find the Edwin Alerts program for you.


Change your team's security behavior and respond to real-time threats with step-by-step guidance, for free

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At Edwin, we believe employees shouldn’t need to be cybersecurity experts to understand what they need to do to get and stay secure.

We guide employees through simple steps on how to protect themselves from the latest threats and maintain security best practices. All for free, forever.

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Personalize your security program with guidance for your team based on their role and responsibilities.

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Includes 10 user licenses
$15 per user after that

No organization is the same. Nor are your risks. At Edwin, our program is tailored to match your needs, actively mitigate risks, and achieve active compliance.

We assess the needs of your organization and provide step-by-step guidance to your employees to assure the highest level of security.

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Edwin's security experts act as your security team, available right in Slack.

Monthly price


Includes 20 user licenses
$25 per user after that

The Edwin CISO Team is composed of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience managing security in highly sensitive environments.

Our team is available to you in real-time in Slack. We schedule monthly video check-ins, provide ongoing assessments, and offer additional security consulting on demand.

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